National Assembly Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Make Constitution — Ozekhome


Lawyer, and delegate at the national conference Chief Mike Ozekhome has told the conference that National Assembly should not be allowed to make constitutions.

He gave the USA as an example, saying that they made their constitution through a conference in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and not through their national assembly.

HE said that the only right the Assembly should have is the right of amendment and not the right of enactment, He said: “I want to make a point that the virus that has afflicted Nigerian constitutional framework since 1914 has been the fact that Nigerians have never bought into their constitution.

The constitution were either colonially imposed or militarily imposed. The Nigerian people are yearning for s brand new constitution; a constitution that is homegrown, a constitution that derives its legitimacy from the people of Nigeria.

We are not undermining the National Assembly. They are well respected but under Section 9 of the present constitution, their job is to amend the existing constitution.

There is no where in the world that the National Assembly makes a new constitution,” he said. But former Governor of Rivers Sate, Dr. Peter Odili urged delegates to commit themselves to the collective cause of entrenching the unity of Nigeria.

“We have made a historic decision. I feel bold to say that we have made a foundation for a new Nigeria, a Nigeria you feel proud to protect. A very important decision that all of us must make is that we must commit ourselves to the irreversible position of keeping the country together”, he stated. The debate which was inclusive continues today.

Mike Ozekhome has been making some outrageous claims these past few days, having said he wants Nigeria’s name to be changed to Airign.

But this new claim, does he have a point here ? America’s constitution was made by their conference, should we allow the National Confab make a new constitution for us ?

Should the National Assembly be stripped of such power ?



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